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What we do at Mueller Brothers Timber

  • We are a band sawn sawmill handling Red and White Oak, Walnut, Hard and Soft Maple, Cottonwood, Sycamore, Ash, Hickory and Cherry.
  • We handle all thicknesses of lumber as well as custom sorting for widths and lengths in truckload quantities. We have a 500 board foot minimum on less than truckload quantities.
  • For your millwork needs we offer surfacing to desired thickness with a Oliver Strat O Plane, and Straight Line Ripping for S3S or S4S. We also utilize a Ramin Gang Rip for custom widths.
  • We offer container loading and any other requirement you may have for international shipping. We are certified in heat treating and can provide proper dunnage for shipping.
  • With total log utilization we have for sale bark mulch and a variety of firewood. Sawdust made is for fuel for the wood waste boiler to provide heat for kilns.
  • Our sales staff and support can handle all your trucking needs. Our 3 company trucks are ready or contract trucking can be handled promptly.
  • Mueller Brothers can assist you in a timber management plan, and perform logging operations. If interested please go to sell timber inquiry.

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